Fawkes Hole Brewing
A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy

Welcome to Fawkes Hole Brewing

     Welcome to Fawkes Hole Brewing, home of the Gun Powder IPA

Fawkes Hole IPA is a hoppy yet malty version of the famous brew. If you're in the neighbourhood, stop in for a drink.

    The Fawkes Hole Brewery is a new update of the Bellybuster Brewery.

    The BellyBuster was a single tier 3 vessel monstrosity that made some great beers over the years.

    Part way through a complete rebuild I kinda got bored with it. Research began on easier methods for brewing beer and The FawkesHole was born

     As a passionate DIY guy, buying a system off the shelf was a stretch. I looked at everything BIAB and settled on Colorado Brewing System's 20 gallon unit with 400 micron SS mesh basket. Haven't looked back.

Welcome To The Fawkes Hole